Flight Campaigns

Flight Campaigns

To achieve the AirMOSS goal of providing better RZSM estimates to incorporate into the carbon flux models, the flight campaigns are being planned to cover the representative North American biome types at appropriate temporal and spatial sampling scales.


Representative North American biome types

AirMOSS will survey FLUXNET sites that are representative of the major biomes of North America. Biome types include:

  1. Boreal forest / evergreen needle-leaf, mixed forest, cropland
  2. Boreal transitional / mixed forest
  3. Temperate forest / mixed forest, cropland
  4. Temperate forest / evergreen needle-leaf
  5. Temperate grasslands / crops
  6. Mediterranean forest / woody savanna
  7. Desert and shrub / open shrubland and grassland
  8. Subtropical dry forest / broadleaf deciduous, crops, woody savanna
  9. Tropical moist forest / evergreen broadleaf, crops

Temporal sampling of interannual and interseasonal variations

For most sites, AirMOSS will fly 2 or 3 P-band SAR campaigns per year (depending on the length of the site's growing season), which will allow quantification of the interseasonal variation. The same campaigns will be repeated each year for the three years of the mission, to assess interannual variation in RZSM and NEE.

Temporal sampling of intraseasonal variations

During each site campaign, AirMOSS will collect data at least three times over a 10-15 day period to quantify evaporative and transpiration processes occurring at finer time scales over the study areas. Observation of RZSM variations at these time scales will be used in a data assimilation process to significantly reduce seasonal variations of NEE.

Sampling spatial variations

AirMOSS will measure RZSM at 100 m spatial resolution to capture the gradients of soil, topography, and vegetation heterogeneity over an area of 25 km x 100 km. The coverage area is selected over FLUXNET tower sites to allow for upscaling of the processes to the continental modeling grid cell.

Flight timeline

ORNL DAAC has produced a browse timeline showing all the AirMOSS flight campaigns.